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Its no secret that living in the North is costly, to say the least. Prices for food and rent make national headlines as Canadians are shocked at the cost we Northerners pay on a daily basis. As Northerners we learn at times to improvise, we learn at times to go without, and we learn to think twice. Frugal living is something many Northerners are doing, whether they know it or not.

FRUGAL: an adjective describing careful use of money or supplies. True, it may not be that everyone is frugal with their money, but when it comes to being frugal with supplies, experienced Northerners know plenty about that. It may be being frugal with water on Waterless Wednesdays or holidays (when trucked water is not delivered to homes), it might be being frugal with food when the shelves in the stores are bare because the weather has been preventing cargo planes to land with fresh supplies. It might even be learning how to be frugal with fuel and supplies while out on the land exploring or hunting….. no matter where you are, being frugal can be a benefit and enhance your life….and in the North it can in some instances even save your life (in the case of survival on the land).

The goal of our blog is to be a resource of inspiration & education on frugal living in the North. Whether you are someone struggling to get by, who is searching for ways to cope with the high cost of living… or someone who is financially comfortable, but looking for ways to make their money go further… we hope our blog will be practical, helpful, and enjoyable for all. No need to waste time researching websites and other blogs who promise money saving tips, only to result in disappointment when you realize their tips won’t work in the Great White North. What we share on our blog will be specific to the challenges and needs we face living in the Canadian Arctic. Some information will be specific to Iqaluit, Nunavut’s capital city, but most of the information will be beneficial to any Canadian, especially those “above the treeline”.

Our blog will focus on three main frugal living topics:
1- Saving Green – Practical tips to save money and lower monthly expenses
2-Making Green – Ways to increase your income in the North
3-Living Green – Finding Eco-friendly products and ones focused on natural wellness

Our blog will also include receipe ideas; Fast & Frugal Food and product reviews to reveal how items stand up to our northern conditions & standards. We will share some of our favourite products for comfortable northern living and share the details on where you can find the items too!

This blog will be a journey we make together, sharing and learning along the way, as Northerners do. 🙂

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  1. As a Canadian you are so right. We do not live in the North and are amazed at the prices we pay at the cash, I can only imagine how much you pay!! I love the ideas you present for this blog, I can’t wait to see it grow and of course try out these recipes 🙂

    Posted on 26/07/2016 at 8:17 am