Its that time of year again, when the days of summer are fading and before we know it the tundra grass will  be changing colour and the kids will be back at school.  With just a  few weeks left before school starts, now is the time to order those last few items on your list  so that they arrive before school starts!

Have you checked out Amazon for back to school deals? The savings aren’t just for school kids… I always take advantage of these sales to stock up my home office on pens, paper, binders and other items to help me keep organized through the year. I also love to take advantage of the savings for crayons and markers too so I can have on hand to put with colouring books or other craft items when I give gifts to kids throughout the year. (affiliate links)

I found this great deal on a school supply bundle where they’ve done the shopping for you, and you can get the bundle for a great price and be all ready for school!  You can do your own shopping too and you can find great deals on notebooks, pencils, art pencils, glue sticks, binders, markers and more! I love the huge savings and totally stocked up myself on the loose leaf paper which will definitely last our family till next year.

In addition to getting the school supplies, there are, of course, the school clothes that are needed since kids seem to grow like weeds during the summer, and more often than not they are needing new threads for the start of the year. You can shop online at these  companies who offer free or flat rate shipping to the north. Take advantage of down south pricing to save this school year! Popular school clothing sites include: Gap, Old Navy, and Joe Fresh.

Lastly, save yourself some time and frustration by purchasing personalized labels for your kids stuff this year. ThesFREE SHIPPINGe made-in-Canada personalized labels are super durable. It’s amazing! They are dishwasher safe, as well as washer and dryer safe! So go ahead and label all the clothing, shoes, and school lunch box items and
don’t worry about losing the labels!  Save time in printing names on each school item, and get the kids to put their unique stickers on instead. My friend showed me her kid’s plastic cups that were labeled  and were over a year old and regularly went through the dishwasher and I couldn’t believe it! The labels looked like new! Totally impressed this mama 😉 Best part is, they offer FREE SHIPPING….yes even to the north 🙂 So check out Stick2me for a great investment for the school year.  These labels also work great for items for day care or even in your own office to keep track of your things (no one stealing your pens anymore…)

Take a little bit of time and finish off the back to school shopping online and then get back out there and enjoy whats left of this beautiful summer!

*This post contains affiliate links to help support our blog and to share items that will save your family money this back to school season. See our full disclosure *

Is there a kids clothing store, or school supply site that you love to shop online? Tell us about it in the comments below! We would love to hear from you 🙂

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