Looking to pay off some debt or get some spending money for some of the “extra’s” you are hoping for? These five side businesses are low cost start up businesses that can be operated from your home.

5 businesses run from home-3

1- Music Instructor/Tutoring – Have a musical talent and an interest in helping others? Share your knowledge by giving music instruction in your home or in the home of your clients. Private or group sessions can be offered and priced accordingly. Have an avid interest in science or mathematics? Offer tutoring to help families where parents may not be strong in a certain subject and are not able to provide their child with at-home-support for their homework. (Spoken with experience….don’t even get me started on high school math!)

2- Housecleaning– Its a dirty job but someone’s got to do it….a lot of people would rather pay someone than do it themselves; cleaning! In cities (such as Iqaluit) where industry is predominantly government and healthcare workers who work long days and overtime…getting the spring cleaning done or even weekly maintenance can be challenging and often times they would love to pass it off to someone they can trust. Get the word out that you are willing to offer some housecleaning services (move-in or move-out cleanings can also be offered and are usually more work but higher end paying jobs). In addition to the money, its a great way to stay active and get your muscles working.

3-Crafting – Turn your hobby into a business by selling your handiwork! Sell online on sites such as Facebook Sell/Swap, Etsy, Ebay, or at local craft shows. Do you make a product unique to your area? Approach the local gift shops to see if they will carry your products. Unique handmade items make great keepsake gifts for tourists so be sure to approach the popular tourist locations such as visitor centres and museums, even local coffee shops will sometimes re-sell locally made items.

4-Bookkeeping – Have experience with keeping the books? Great! Take on a small business client to lighten their load and give you some extra cash! Interested in doing books but haven’t had the training? No problem! Bookkeeping is one of the skills you can learn by taking the training online! Check out Bookkeeper Business Academy for their 10 week course – completely done online so you can take the course no matter where you are (with internet connection). After completing the course you can launch your own bookkeeping business and service clients both locally or nationwide.

5-Child care – Good childcare is in high demand! If you love kids & have experience with caring for them, child care can be a great side business to supplement your income. Set your hours, stock your home with kid friendly toys and activities, and get involved with the community to meet families and build relationships so they feel comfortable and confident in entrusting their precious little ones to you.

As always, don’t forget to follow the necessary registration and licensing procedures in your town in order to operate a legit home based business. For those in Iqaluit you can find the info on the city of Iqaluit website.

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