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I’m pretty much the worst gardener I know. The only time I’ve had a “green thumb” is if I painted it green 😉 It’s not that I haven’t tried… I have. I love the idea of gardens, greenhouses, or even just plants in the house. I love the health benefits that they produce both by the nutritious food they provide, the enhanced air quality, and by the proven mental health benefits of being surrounded by living things in nature. Yet, try as I may, I seem to kill everything green. (Good thing my family isnt green – I’ve managed to keep them alive) Even in the best of conditions, living down south in a lush area, I had no success with gardens or indoor plants. Couple that track record with now living in the arctic, where soil and sun  are hard to come by for much of the year….well you can imagine my limited success. 🙁 There are two things, though, that have redeemed me.  I have had success with our indoor aerogarden (hydroponic herb growing) like this one here (affiliate link).  And, my most budding success has been with sprouts!

The success with sprouts may be due to the fact that it only takes a few days for the “life cycle” to happen. Perhaps its good for my “ADD attention span” brain because its a short enough span of time that I can focus long enough to not neglect it. And in the world of instant gratification, well sprouts have got to be the leading food when it comes to that….you can usually “harvest” within 3-5 days of starting your “garden”!

I know sprouts to some people are thought of as “hippy food” or “crunchy”, but if you research them a bit you will find that they actually were popular with ancient Chinese physicians centuries ago, and popular for sailors in the 1700s. They are nutrient rich and condensed super foods. They can virtually grow anywhere, without sun or soil, and have no waste. Pretty amazing right? They even taste good! (Ok, it may be an acquired taste, but if you aren’t a huge fan of them, then you can introduce them slowly into the diet until your taste buds adjust….my mom used to feed them to us as kids and I hated them…. but I’m glad she did because now I love them! – Thanks Mom <3 )

I love the versatility of sprouts, and the affordability of them. Just a spoonful or two of the seeds in a few days turns into a small bowl of fresh greens! I like to use it instead of lettuce and make a little salad with them. I use alfalfa sprouts as the base, and then add tomatoes, cucumber, avocado, and sometimes bell peppers to make a quick and nutritious lunch. (This tastes great with some bacon pieces added in too) GroFullSizeRender 5wing sprouts has come in super handy especially in the winter when cargo planes cannot land and the produce aisles at the grocery stores are completely empty. (Like the day I took this picture when planes were cancelled due to fog) Problem solved…I can grow my own nutritious greens! 🙂 I love mung bean sprouts as a healthy and crunchy snack as well. A handful of those gives me so much energy and several health benefits too!


When I first started sprouting, I used a mason jar with a sprouting lid. It’s very simple to do; soak the seeds, then rinse the seeds twice a day (morning and night) and tilt the jar so that the water drains out. Once I saw how beneficial growing my own sprouts were, I started to try a variety of sprouts. I had several jars on the go and my counter started to be overtaken by the jars. So, I invested in a sprouter, like this one, that allows me to have several different sprouts going at the same time, neatly kept in one easy to use container. My organizing and de-cluttering side of the brain rejoiced at the simplicity of this design and at the additional counter space I regained by being able to remove all the jars on the counter. This is a super simple sprouter, you add the water to the top, it trickles down through each level to ensure each level is receiving the hydration it needs, and then pours into the reserve at the bottom, where you can empty before the next “watering”. I’ve made this part of my morning and evening routine and have my sprouter by the sink so I don’t forget to water it twice a day. Then Voila! Instant healthy food. Now that’s fast & frugal 😉

Believe me, if I can grow these, anyone can 😉  I love making sprouts for the 5 following reasons (below)….why don’t you try  it out and let me know what you think?why i love sprouts- 5 reasons


*Some links in this post are affiliate links- this does not mean you pay a penny more for the product when you purchase through my link. It just means I made it easier for you to find what you might like and if you purchase through the link I make a small commisison for the referral. Thank you for helping support our blog!Why I lOve sproutsWhy I lOve sproutsWhy I lOve sprouts

Why I lOve sproutsWhy I lOve sprouts

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2 thoughts on “Grow Your Own Food – In A Week!

  1. Love this, I also kill everything and anything green.

    Posted on 05/09/2016 at 6:08 pm
    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one! LOL. Thanks for popping by the blog 🙂

      Posted on 06/09/2016 at 1:26 pm