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This past weekend we had incredible weather and it was still feeling like summer and got me craving some summer treats! Since most sweet treats available locally are an expensive “luxury” I was super excited to try out my  Zipzicles * from  Amazon and make my own frugal frozen treat! Have you seen these? They are genius! They are like mini ziploc bags but made in the shape of a freezie! You simply fill it, then freeze it!
The package came with a suggested recipe on the back to make strawberry lemonade freezies.
It had only 2 ingredients so my fast & frugal heart was so excited to see that it was so easy and I quickly whipped up a batch. (Fresh strawberries were not available so I used frozen ones instead, they were just as yummy) They also have a recipe for some pineapple orange frozen treats (made from fresh pineapple and orange juice) which looks healthy and delicious  so I’m looking forward to trying that one out as well! Using a small funnel it was easy to fill them quickly, seal them, and send them on their way to the freezer.

In addition to making larger batches of freezies, my intention with these bags are to keep them on hand for when I make fruit smoothies. For some reason I always seem to make just a little too much of the smoothie and I can’t always finish it all. I hate wasting anything (that would be so un-frugal ) so I’ve been searching for a way to make the best use of these “left overs”. The zipzicles are the perfect solution! I simply poured the remainder of my smoothie into a few zipzicle bags and after a few hours in the freezer… I now had a healthy fruit freezie ready to go! I can score “Super Cool Mom”  points when I offer a freezie as a special breakfast too (if they only knew how healthy it actually is).  It’s  like dessert for breakfast…who doesn’t love that?

I have used popsicle moulds before to make fruit smoothie popsicles, but I must admit that at times I find the moulds a little too big for the amount I have left over, or sometimes they aren’t as “portable” as I would prefer when I want to snack on the go  (since you end up having to carry the handle around with you if you have taken your popsicle to go. It can be sticky and cause a mess wherever you place it). These zipcicles are fantastic since you can take them on the go, and simply dispose of the bag when finished.

fullsizerender-10Speaking of which…. these bags are strong enough that they could be reused again! (I know your frugal mind was wondering ) Although the instructions on the package do not indicate this, if used carefully it easily can be done. If washed and propped up to dry (place the bags upside down over straws to dry) you could get several uses out of them, making them even more affordable! Currently they work out to about $0.27 each for a single use, but re-using it two more times would bring the cost down to just $0.09 each! And when you think that you control the ingredients that go into it – so you can ensure no food colouring or loads of sugar like most things on the market- these are win win win in my books. Healthy, Affordable, and Tasty!  Oh, did I forget to mention that these are BPA, BPS, and Phthalate  FREE!?!? Yay, another win. 😉

My freezer is now stocked with these tasty treats….but they are going fast since everyone in the family loves them so much! I have a feeling we will be making these year round and they will be a little piece of summer that we can enjoy no matter what day it is 😉

What are your favourite summer time treats? Feel free to share below!


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2 thoughts on “DIY: Frugal Frozen Treats

  1. I love this idea. Perfect for after a run or soccer practice. My kids would love it if I put Gatorade in it.

    Posted on 13/09/2016 at 1:31 pm
    1. Great idea! My son would love that too! Thanks for sharing 🙂

      Posted on 13/09/2016 at 1:44 pm