As much as I like Saving Green….I also love Living Green by choosing natural products to use to reduce my family’s exposure to harmful chemicals. Making your own products is a fantastic frugal way to both save green and live green, but sometimes its nice to save the trouble and treat yourself to some already perfected natural products. That’s why I was excited one day when I came across @Mountain.Air.Naturals  on Instagram. I noticed their All Natural Ingredients and Canadian shipping policy and just had to try them out!

Mountain Air NaturalsAll Natural Products-My Honest Review

Mountain Air Naturals offers a variety of bath and body products that are organic and chemical free. They are made in Calgary, Alberta (my old stomping grounds) and they ship anywhere in Canada (yes, that includes the north)!

My mouth was the one to be pampered with this package….. I had ordered three products to try out:

1)Remineralizing Peppermint Toothpaste
2)“Clean Earth” Tooth Powder
3) Winter Ready Lip Balm

My reason for trying these particular  products was due to the fact that I have been unsatisfied with my current toothpaste (store bought)  having problems with my teeth with sensitivities so I wanted to try something new and natural. I had also read about the benefits of activated charcoal for teeth whitening so I was excited to try it out since its one of the main ingredients in the tooth powder. Lastly, I am always on the hunt for lip balm. I never go a day in the north without lip balm, given the harsh climate here, so I love trying out new & natural ones.


Ordering: I was able to view Mountain Air Natural products by perusing their Instagram page, and when I was ready to order I simply sent a direct message with my order and paid by EMT.

Shipping: Product was well packaged to protect it and shipped quickly – very happy with that!

Presentation:  I know, I know….it’s whats inside that counts 😉  But I’m a girl who loves pretty things and I love when natural products are as pretty as they are practical.

*Labels are cute and stylish.

*I absolutely love the glass jar for the toothpaste! Cute enough to leave out without looking messy

*Plastic container for the tooth powder is great to make it easier to for travel.

* Only the lip balm was “plain” and could have used a little something  to “pretty it up” although with it being neutral and minimalistic, it’s most likely something a man would feel comfortable using and not  feel like he raided his wife’s purse 😉


Remineralizing Peppermint Toothpaste $13mountain air naturals tooth paste

My Experience: I used a Q-tip to scoop out the desired amount from the jar and placed it on my toothbrush. Once I started brushing, I was caught off guard by the “paste” turning to liquid almost instantly, but I then realized it’s the coconut oil base that was melting in my mouth. Once I was mentally prepared for it, I actually found it very helpful in making sure to get even coverage over all the teeth and there was no spitting out globs of toothpaste into the sink. 🙂 The toothpaste was pleasant tasting, not a very dominating flavour at all, but still left the mouth feeling fresh. I found I was able to eat or drink shortly after brushing my teeth and did not have the bitter taste that often happens when tastes collide with the strong aftertaste of some toothpaste. After using the toothpaste for a week I found my tooth sensitivity had greatly diminished. One tooth in particular had been sensitive to even air passing over it, yet after a week of using this toothpaste I hardly noticed any sensitively at all. Time will reveal if its a coincidence or not, but so far I’m very happy with it, and will have to provide an update later to see if the same results continue.

Tooth paste details: The toothpaste contains bentonite clay which is rich in potassium and calcium and effective at removing toxins. There is also baking soda and coconut oil which help to clean and whiten teeth. Xyitol (to prevent cavities) and peppermint essential oil to give it a sweet and fresh flavour.

“Clean Earth” Tooth Powder $10mountain air naturals tooth polish

My EXPERIENCE: It seems funny to brush your teeth with clay and black charcoal in hopes of having them whiter and brighter, but it actually works! I loved the fresh feeling I had after using the tooth polish. (I really love the cinnamon in it) I haven’t used the polish long enough to see a dramatic difference as far as teeth whitening, but I do love the fresh and clean feeling I experienced when I used it and I did notice a slight improvement in brightness.

I used the polish once or twice a week and the regular toothpaste the rest of the time. I thought of it as a mini spa treatment for my teeth when using the polish, although it is safe for everyday use, I liked keeping it as something special to look forward to.

Tooth Polish details: Ingredients include Bentonite clay & activated charcoal for their detoxifying and whitening benefits, and cinnamon for its pleasant flavour and antibacterial qualities. It also has peppermint essential oil for a hint of mint.

Winter Ready Lip Balm $5mountain air naturals lip balm

My EXPERIENCE:  LOVE THE FLAVOUR!!!!!! I described the flavour as “creamsicle” although I found out that it was really the result of Grapefruit and Lemon essential oils mixed together that gave it it’s sweet taste. The lip balm is light and easy to apply. With the harsh cold and dry conditions we face here in the Arctic, I depend on lip balm daily to keep my lips from being chapped. I have a stash of lip balm placed strategically around the house and at work, to fight the dryness of the winter. This lip balm was a welcomed treat that I added to my collection. I used it first thing in the morning and last thing at night before bed, and I found it to be very moisturizing and absorbed quickly. I would love if the lip balm came in a tube instead of needing to use my finger or q-tip to apply, for that reason I didn’t carry it with me where I might apply on the run (since I’m a bit of germ-a-phob) but it was perfect for while I’m at home and seriously the flavour is awesome, like a little burst of summer during each winter day 😉

Lip Balm details: Ingredients include organic unrefined coconut oil, unrefined beeswax (to act as a moisture barrier) and essential oils.



It has been a great experience with trying these new products. I think my favourite for the three products is the tooth polish (however I do love them all so its a hard choice). My shopping experience and interactions with Natasha, the shop owner, have been informative & cheerful and I really appreciate how  very friendly and professionals she is.

In order to save on shipping she said the products can be available in different containers to avoid the weight of the glass in the package, these options can be discussed when placing the order.

For myself, I do like having the toothpaste in a glass jar. I love the look and feel of it, it’s still cute enough to have out on the counter, and I will reuse the jar once the toothpaste is all used up (although I imagine it will last a while since the jar is filled with a generous amount). Natasha said they purposely choose to use glass, when available, because it is a continual renewable resource that won’t contaminate the product or harm the environment. Win win really 😉

Her product line is expanding so check our her Instagram page @mountain.air.naturals  She offers natural deodorant bars as well as bath scrubs, bath salts, hand sanitizer, body butter, and more. I’m excited to try out some more of her other products, which ones would you like to try?
mountain air products



**This post contains my personal opinions based on my personal experience with these products. I personally purchased these products, however I did receive reduced shipping costs in exchange for my honest review of the products. **


Have a natural product that you love? Tell us about it! 🙂

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