When we lived down south, mashed potatoes were a common side dish on our dinner plates, but when we moved North and saw the prices of the potatoes they soon became a luxury rather than a staple.  Due to the weight/cost of transporting the potatoes they are often one of the pricier options.

In search of a more affordable alternative, (not to mention a healthier low carb choice)  we began to experiment with cauliflower and ended up having a new favourite fast and frugal side dish.

creamy cauliflower-2

The first time I made it, I didn’t say a word and must admit I caught my family by surprise. 😉 The appearance of it was just like mashed potatoes, so when they started eating it and they noticed a different flavour they had to do a double take to see what they were eating. “I Can’t believe it’s not mashed potatoes! It looks just like it!”  Your family may or may not appreciate the surprise, so you may want to give them a heads up, but regardless… it is a tasty alternative and it got the thumbs up in our family, and hopefully will in yours too 🙂

creamy mashed cauliflower-2

creamy mashed cauliflower-2

mashed cauliflower

Creamy Mashed Cauliflower


One head of cauliflower

3 TBspoon Milk (or non dairy milk)

2 TBspoon butter (you could use coconut oil for a different flavour)

1 TBspoon Dill ( or as desired)

Optional: clove of garlic, crushed



Steam the cauliflower until it is very tender (approx 10 min)

Add the cauliflower and all the ingredients to a bowl or blender. Mix the contents (either in blender or in the bowl with an electric hand mixer) until it has the consistentancy of mashed potatoes (approx 30 seconds in the blender however it varies greatly depending on cauliflower consistently and the speed of the blender)

Serve and Enjoy!creamy cauliflower side dish


This is a winning recipe for us because:

*Only requires a few basic ingredients

*Saves time (no peeling and cutting)

*Saves money (don’t pay for the heavy bag of potatoes when a cauliflower head will go a long way!

*Tastes great and is healthy!


Whats your favourite side dish? We would love to hear!

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