I’m a confessed tea addict. I drink 1-2 pots of tea a day (or more). I’ve never had a cup of coffee in my life (GASP!) Tea has been something I started drinking as a kid and never stopped. Some of my fondest memories growing up include late night tea time with my mom. You could say tea warms my heart as much as it does my body 😉

With living in the cold climate of the arctic, where there is snow 10 months of the year (sometimes more) drinking tea has been one of the ways I have been able to stay hydrated when a cold glass of water just isn’t appealing. I start my day off with a cup or two of black tea and the rest of the day I drink herbal and caffeine free teas. For years I drank only peppermint tea because I got tired of wasting money on teas I purchased and didn’t like. Peppermint was my “safe” tea, it never disappointed.

About 4 years ago I was introduced to the wonderful world of loose leaf tea (where had I been??) The quality of the tea I experienced was amazing. Just looking at the tea leaves itself you could SEE the difference. Rip open a tea bag and look at what’s inside. Compare it to a spoonful of a similar loose leaf tea. It’s like comparing a hot dog to a steak. The tea inside a bag looks like the crumbs of the rich and flavourful loose leaf tea leaves. I was sold. How could I ever go back to drinking boring old tea when I now had experienced the flavourful and fun loose leaf tea world?!?!

I began an “exploration” of loose leaf tea. I found new favourites and my tea collection expanded from one tiny corner of the shelf to an entire cupboard of happiness 😃 I found teas that had health benefits, and teas that helped me improve a healthy lifestyle. I replaced juice with cold steeped fruit tea. I replaced dessert with a sweet to the palate (but sugar free) rooibos tea. This fun filled exploration in the tea world gave me little cups of happiness to enjoy each day.

In recent years, subscription services have become a popular trend and the tea industry was riding that wagon too. To be honest I have never tried a tea subscription service because the frugal side of me always was afraid to spend money on something I wouldn’t like. Although my palate for tea has expanded, I still tend to be picky and I don’t fall in love with just any tea.  I imagined my cupboard being filled with teas that I wouldn’t drink and the money I would be wasting…..so I avoided the temptation and stuck with what was “safe” and what I knew was worth spending my money on.

Then entered the Dollar Tea Club.

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It caught my attention first because of its appeal to my frugal heart ( DOLLAR tea?? I had to learn more!) and second because it’s a Canadian based company who offers FREE SHIPPING anywhere in Canada or the USA (again, very important detail when you live in the remote north❄)

I visited their website to learn the details and was so excited with the personalized service that they offer! This was the first tea subscription I had heard of that allows you to CHOOSE what tea will be in your box. In addition to your choices, you receive 3 samples of other great teas to try out. These are large enough sizes to try a few cups of, but not so big that it will end up sitting in your cupboard taking up space if you happen to not like them.

Knowing that I could chose the main teas in the box, I was excited to test out this service and see how it compared with the quality tea I have grown accustomed to ☕️

teabox review

First impressions

Ordering. Their site was super simple to navigate. I was able to use my smart phone and set up my account, select my teas, and have it completed within just a few minutes. (The hardest part was selecting teas since these were all exciting new blends for me and there was so many to choose from)

Shipping. I have to be honest I can’t believe how fast it shipped. I placed my order on the weekend, got a notification it shipped on Monday, and it was in my mailbox by Friday. Maybe not a huge deal to those used to speedy service, but in the north (air stage only) that’s quite impressive I was pleased to see minimal packaging, no wasted space or unnecessary fillers.

Presentation. The product packaging is simple, earthy, and neutral and would appeal to a man as much as a woman. Many tea companies package teas super cute but may be less desirable to male customers. This natural and neutral approach to the packaging seems like a really good way to approach their customer base. The free tea scoop and tea ball included with your first order are a nice touch, though nothing fancy that a tea addict would get excited about, but very practical for a loose leaf tea newbie.

inside the tea box

Experiences :

My box contained two teas of my choice along with three surprise samples. .The two teas I chose for a full size bag (50g) were a black tea called Campfire S’mores and the second was a rooibos tea called Vanilla Caramel Swirl.
I opened both the bags and observed the quality of the tea as well as inhaled the sweet scent. I was pleasantly surprised to see the quality comparable to the “fancy tea” I have grown accustomed to. The taste was just as sweet. Of the two teas, the Vanilla Caramel Swirl was my favourite. I could drink it by the pot. 😃 It was rich and full of flavour (side point – I love that all of their teas do not contain any artificial flavours! ) The Campfire S’Mores tea was good, but have to admit it was one of those teas that I built up so much in my mind, that the taste didn’t quite match what I had envisioned for it. That’s not uncommon even amongst the elite of teas. It was still good, and I’ve been enjoying cup each morning.

samples of the month tea clubThe three tea samples were a delight.  The samples included in this month’s order were Tutti Frutti, Strawberry Shortcake, and Winter Orange. They were really generous sample sizes, I got about three cups from each sample. There was a card included to tell you what each sample was, since they are numbered 1,2,3 instead of having the name of the tea on the bag.

The most surprising of all the teas in the box was sample #2. You see, I don’t like green tea. I have tried it with all different blends and all different companies and I just don’t like the taste of it. I have to admit when I saw one of the samples was a green tea, I was disappointed that I was going to actually have to drink it, in order to give an honest opinion for my review. I cannot tell you how surprised I was when I tried it !!!! For the first time, I actually liked the green tea! Not just liked it….I loved it! It was called strawberry shortcake and I loved it so much it was actually the first package I finished off because I couldn’t get enough of it! I definelty want to order a full size package of this tea on my next order!

strawberry shortcake teaHere is a snap shot of what a scoop of the tea looks like. Now imagine walking into a garden filled with ripe strawberries 🍓 and put that into a cup and add some health benefits of green tea and there you have it 😉 Well that’s how I pictured it anyway 😉… you will have to try it for yourself to find out.

comparison of tea bagsMy only thought for a way to improve their box would be to change the tea bags included (albeit these are free in each box so its not a big problem). It appears they are not as natural as most tea bags on the market. In the photo I compare the small white bag with three different bags from three different companies. To me the white ones seemed “too white” and makes me think about the processing it went through to be so white.  It seemed odd that they wouldn’t have a more natural tea bag even just to compliment the rest of their packaging. This is a very minor issue of course, as most avid tea drinkers will already have their favourite tea bags or infusers on hand.


Don’t let the name fool you, Dollar Tea Club does not mean it’s cheap, they’ve just finally invented a tea club for frugal minded people who appreciate great quality tea ☕️. It works out to less than a dollar a day, hence the name 😉 They offer great teas and some of the best value I have seen among the tea subscription services on the market. I love the personalized service that the offer, and I think  it’s a wonderful and frugal way to try new teas without breaking the bank. Their free shipping anywhere in Canada or the USA is a big selling point too! I definely give the Dollar Tea Club two cups up ☕☕👍🏼👍🏼

As a bonus for our readers, the Dollar Tea Club is offering a discount code for YOU to try it out for yourself. Visit their website and use the code antl38  to save 15% off your order.

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Do you have a favourite subscription service that ships up north? We would love to hear about it!


*I received this box from Dollar Tea Club  in exchange for an honest review of the service. All opinions, thoughts, and experiences are my own

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