There’s a lot of buzz today about Amazon Prime Day ¬†around town and, well, all over the internet. ūüėČ ¬†Everyone loves a good deal and the annual event that Amazon holds sports some pretty deep savings on many¬†items. For example, check out this hot product at 44% off!¬†I’ve been wanting one for a year and finally got it today with a deal too good to pass up. I’m pretty sure it’s going to become one of my “can’t live without” products. It is going to help me save money and become healthier during our long winters. Look for blog posts about it coming soon ūüėČ ¬†Have you been shopping online already today?

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If you are not an Amazon Prime member and feel like you are missing out…have no fear! Amazon is still offering a FREE¬†30 day membership trial, which applies even to the Prime sales today. ¬†I know a few people who are signing up just to get the sales and will be cancelling before the 30 days are up. ¬†Want to try it out?¬†Check it out here¬†You can also enjoy the free Amazon Prime movies, tv shows and photo storage while you test it out for 30 days.

Now whether you are an existing Prime member or about to become one…you would do well¬†¬†to take a minute to sign up for one free account which is going to help you maximize your savings. ¬†Have you heard of Ebates? I had heard people raving about it but I thought it was only in the States ¬†as I had seen it on American websites. Yikes! I was wrong! They totally have a Canadian version and it’s such a super simple way to save money!

Ebates offers a small percentage cash back of your purchases at selected online stores. You can choose to have them mail you a cheque, or deposit into your PayPal account. They are connected with many great online stores including Amazon! ¬†In fact, today they have a special promotion where you get up to 4% of your purchases from Amazon ¬†in cash back! ¬†So that item that was 44% off? Well with using Ebates it’s now 48% off!

It may not seem like much savings at the moment, but those small percentages quickly add up (just think about paying tax and how quickly that can add up!). Since I am a regular Amazon shopper my Amazon purchases alone will add up to significant savings through the year. ¬†They are also connected with popular electronics, clothing, fitness stores¬†and even car rental companies and coupon sites like Groupon (one of my favs!) ¬†It’s always free to maintain your account with them, you simply have to remember to log into your Ebates account and shop from their portal that will connect you to your favourite online stores. It’s that simple!

I’m still an Ebates newbie myself, but I have talked with a ¬†few friends who have been using it for quite some¬†time (Why did no one tell me!?!?) and they say their savings adds up quickly and goes right into their PayPal account and it’s “guilty free spending cash” for them.

I love the concept because it doesn’t have you buying extra things you don’t need…its simply rewards you for the shopping you were already going to do. It puts some savings back into your pocket.

So if you are jumping onboard the Amazon Prime deals today, make sure you get your own Ebates account first to add some extra savings to your day. Write the website on a sticky note by your computer so you remember  to make your online purchases through them today and in the future days ahead to enjoy more savings!

Happy Savings & Shopping!

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