One of my favourite treats that not only is healthy but also tastes great (not to mention makes the house smell amaaaazing) are these fast and frugal baked apples. It literally takes less than 5 minutes to prep, then pop them into the oven and in less than an hour your house will smell like hot apple pie and you will have a tasty treat to enjoy!


Apples (1 per person) I usually use Gala apples but feel free to experiment with other varieties
Almond Butter (Approx 1-2 TBsp per apple) Peanut butter wont do here 🙁

Cinnamon 1 tsp per apple (or as desired)
Ground Cloves

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Grow your Own Food in Less than a Week!-2

I’m pretty much the worst gardener I know. The only time I’ve had a “green thumb” is if I painted it green 😉 It’s not that I haven’t tried… I have. I love the idea of gardens, greenhouses, or even just plants in the house. I love the health benefits that they produce both by the nutritious food they provide, the enhanced air quality, and by the proven mental health benefits of being surrounded by living things in nature.

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